Thursday, 26 April 2012

Setting the Focus and Sharing the Intent

My body and I were strangers. Until I discovered Nia, that is. 
For years and years I was so immersed in intellectual pursuits that I came to see anything physical as a distraction. I've never played any sports, never went to the gym and didn't enjoy any form of exercise (not even playing with a frisbee at the beach!); and still my body carried on uncomplainingly, moderately healthy and silent. Or not silent at all, but I was deaf to the language of my body and didn't understand what it was trying to tell me about the joy of movement, of expression, of the pleasure of uniting mind and body in mindful awareness.
Two years ago a friend told me about this amazing dance class she went to, where she kept on smiling while moving the way her body wanted to move, and with this great music to boot! So I had to try it, and it was love at the first step. Now I am a White Belt Nia teacher and I get to share my love of Nia with my students, and family, and friends, and work colleagues, and...
So this is to be a diary of me being in my body and the intent is to connect with every part of my it, have fun, experience joy and share it with as many people as I can, of course! And now it's time to step in.