Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Late bloomer

Since Nia and I have found one another, there is only one pointless regret that I have experienced: why didn't I do this earlier?
Totally pointless, because I can't do anything about it, so what's the use of thinking that I could have started dancing earlier, that I could have paid more attention to my body before my mid thirties, that I could have had more qualifications in what I love by now?

But sometimes I can't help it and I think that, if I would have started sensing the joy of movement when I was younger, I would be more flexible now, more graceful, that my teaching experience would be more complete as I would have had a more extensive background in dance.

And then, I just had to look at some very late bloomers, the roses that grow in my parents' garden, to realise that it doesn't matter when beauty and joy come to our lives. They have come, let's greet them and make them stay.
Late roses after the rain, such joy. We can all bloom whenever we're ready.