Thursday, 18 June 2015

Get down, get down

When was the last time you went down to the floor? Just for the sheer pleasure of rolling around, empty minded, giving yourself a great myofascial massage.
I probably did that just this morning. 
You see, I'm a lucky one, I'm a Nia 5 Stages practitioner.

The Nia 5 Stages keep my body fit for purpose; to make love, make tea, to skip over puddles (lots of puddles in England), to run after the bus or train, or anything that needs running after.
To go after my dream of living fully and purposefully in a body that is allowing me to do just that. And, in my book, that's really hot.
If you want to experience what the 5 Stages can do for you, check out my classes at or look for any Nia 5 Stages teacher near you.
It could be the beginning of a very beautiful, lasting friendship.