Wednesday, 9 May 2012

No boiler? No problem!

I'm not going to say that Nia can make your problems magically disappear, but it can certainly put an interesting spin on things.
This morning I found out that my poor boiler had given up the (metallic) ghost and packed up. No boiler means no hot showers and also no clothes being washed properly in hot water. As I am a few days away from a trip to Korea and Japan, this wasn't good news. A few months ago that scenario would have been akin to the end of the world, and while today I can't say I was madly pleased, I took this morning as an opportunity.
This morning was my chance to wash with water boiled in a kettle, to begin my morning movement in a different way, to pay attention to my legs, feet, underarms, face... tweaking my usual manner of washing myself.
And then I thought how wonderful it is to have hot water every morning and how I've always taken it for granted, so I said "thank you" to the boiler gods and started thinking that I may need to go clothes shopping in Japan. 
Oh well, if I must sacrifice myself...

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