Monday, 2 July 2012

All the birthday blessings

It was my birthday on Friday, and I had a great day at work, and an even better weekend. My girls at work made me a candle with coloured paper and cardboard, which went on top of a slice of the melon cake I baked the previous evening. 
The next morning, my Nia class felt just heavenly. I started the class by gathering every one in a circle and setting the focus and intention; self-healing. Never mind the looking good, the getting the steps and stances right, the moving in unison. I invited every body to listen, to give themselves exactly what they needed, in their own natural time. And in reminding them about their capacity to self-heal, I did a lot of self-healing myself. I relaxed my shoulders and neck, even loosened up my lower back. How I feel now is so much better than I did years ago, when I was younger. I have arrived in my body, and I intend to remain aware of it for a long, long time, as joyfully and fulfillingly as I can. 

And after class my best girls (and Ben) and I went to Avon Beach... loving those negative ions!


  1. ¡Qué niña tan bonita!
    ¡Qué perro tan dócil!
    ¡Qué ambiente tan relajante!

  2. Happy belated birthday lovely lady - looking forward to coming back and joining in with the classes if there is space.jx