Friday, 17 June 2016

Re-Belted in White (a shinier shade)

I spent last week in Budapest retaking my White Belt, the first belt of the system we use in the Nia Technique to indicate the degree of depth into the practice. 
Having said that, I have moved with White Belts who have inspired me more than Brown Belts, so the degree of depth and understanding is very personal, however a formal gradation system exists.

Quite a few of my friends and students have asked me 'why do you take a training that you have already under your belt (pun intended)?' The answer is: to learn more, to go deeper, wider, to relax in my beginner's mind.
I have heard so many new things, my body has understood so many new things, my thinking mind has assimilated so many new things... Now I sense my White Belt is shining anew, and I am relaxed, alert, and waiting, doing my best to deliver inspiration and relaxation just like I have received.

What a gift, retaking a training and allowing my thinking mind not to get in the way. Thank you everyBody for making it a sensational week for me. 

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